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Psychology in Case Law

What do the judges want and expect from psychologists as expert witnesses? These articles are about how the law views psychology, psychologists and mental health generally. The information in these articles primarily comes from NSW Court of Criminal Appeal Case Law.

Credibility: The layers of the psychologist’s report

A useful psychologist’s report to the court for sentencing could have at least three layers of credibility.

Hearsay or Evidence

When a psychologist writes a court report, how much is hearsay and how much is evidence?

Intellectual Disability and the Law

Intellectual disability in relation to committing a sexual assault.

Case Law & Mental Illness: Court of Criminal Appeal NSW

There are at least four ways in which an offender’s mental health is relevant to sentencing.

What the Psychologist Report Left Out

The importance for psychologists to address the circumstances of the offence.

The Legacy of Childhood Trauma: Considerations for Sentencing

What special considerations are needed in sentencing adults who suffered childhood trauma? Could Muldrock (2011) provide a perspective?

What You Tell the Psychologist

A psychologist’s court report is only as good as the information that it’s based upon.