Standard Fees

  • Self-funding face-to-face $150.00.
    Standard session 50 minutes
  • Self-funding Telehealth $140.00.
    Standard session 50 minutes
  • Third-party funding $180.00
    Standard session 50 minutes
  • Medicare rebate $93.35 per 50 minute session
    GP Mental Health Care Plan required..

Payment by card (incl. Moto), EFT or cash.

GPs Mental Health Care Plans

GP's Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP) are welcome. See your GP for a referral if you wish to claim the MediCare benefit for sessions. Be sure that you specifically ask your GP for a MHCP. If you wish to speak to your GP about a MHCP, make sure that you book a double-appointment to allow the GP the time to process your referral.