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B Lloyd PhD
Brendan Lloyd PhD

Brendan Lloyd PhD provides face to face sessions in Byron Bay and telehealth Australia wide. The practice was established in 1999. Medicare rebates available with GP's referral.

“I offer personalised and confidential therapy services to help people to manage stress anxiety depression. With a compassionate, practical and grounded approach, I am dedicated to helping you to overcome the challenges and to get back on track.” (see Scope of Practice)


A psychologist is an educated and trained professional who specialises in understanding human behaviour and mental processes. Some psychologists help individuals to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and to address psychological issues generally. Others work in settings, such as schools, research institutions, industry and forensics to provide their expertise as psychologists.


Psychology is not intuition or common sense. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Research in psychology is based on testing the null hypothesis. Psychology encompasses a wide range of topics, including how people think and behave individually and in groups. Psychology covers a range of topics such as cognition, learning, motivation, perception, development, personality, and mental health.


Psychotherapy refers to a specific method or approach used by psychologists and other mental health professionals to address psychological issues in individuals or groups. These techniques are designed to help clients overcome challenges, develop coping skills, improve relationships, and achieve personal growth. Therapeutic techniques can vary widely depending on the theoretical orientation of the therapist, the specific needs of the client, and the goals of therapy. Examples of therapeutic techniques include counselling, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, art therapy, and family therapy, among others.

Brief psychotherapy

Medicare provides up to 10 rebated sessions with a psychologist per year. Although Medicare is not limiting clients to 10 sessions per year, there is an expectation that 10 sessions is sufficient. Pause and breathe, this limitation can be seen as liberation. For example, it is liberating to achieve a good outcome quickly.

Brief psychotherapy refers to a focused and time-limited form of therapy aimed at addressing specific issues or symptoms in a shorter period compared to traditional long-term therapy. It typically involves a structured approach, that is grounded and practical, to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals efficiently. Brief psychotherapy aims to provide symptom relief, improve coping skills, and promote insight and personal growth within a limited timeframe. Brief therapy has best value for clients with specific, well-defined issues or for those who prefer a more condensed treatment format.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a small coastal town of about 10,000 people located in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wals. It is approximately 772 kilometres north of Sydney and 165 kilometres south of Brisbane. Byron Bay is situated on the easternmost point of the Australian mainland overlooking the South Pacific Ocean. It offers a picturesque setting for residents and tourists who seek the natural beauty.

Serving: Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, Lismore, Ballina, Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Cabarita, Northern Rivers, etc.

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