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Brendan Lloyd values highly the scientific foundations of psychology. His Masters Degree and PhD are evidence of this.

The external examiner for his Masters was Prof Auke Tellegen (University of Minnesota USA) and his external examiner for his doctoral thesis was Prof William Stiles (Miami University Florida USA). Both these examiners are psychologists with an international reputation. Prof Tellegen is known for his work in the area of personality, and Prof Stiles is known for his work in the area of psychotherapy and behaviour-change.

Brendan Lloyd began his private practice in 1998. He is committed to participating in ongoing professional development.

Scope of practice

Dr Lloyd's practice is devoted to helping people overcome psychological distress from within the Power Threat Meaning Framework. It’s not so much the diagnosis that we focus on, but rather the focus is on what you need to get back on track. At the same time, according to the diagnosis, Dr Lloyd can help with stress, anxiety, depression, panic, adjustment, pain management, etc. The therapeutic approach is grounded and practical. The aim of the therapy is to develop the skills to drive the machine better.

General Informed Consent

Informed consent is a crucial part of our therapeutic relationship. It means that you, as a client, have the right to be fully informed about the nature, purpose, risks, and benefits of any therapeutic procedures or interventions. This ensures that you can make a knowledgeable and voluntary decision about your treatment. Our discussions will cover all relevant aspects, including confidentiality, the therapy process, and your rights. Your informed consent is essential to ensure that you feel comfortable and empowered throughout your journey.

  General Informed Consent