Mind Skills


Mind skills are a set of useful tools for stress reduction.

It’s not really a secret but the main ingredient for wellbeing and happiness is skilful effort. Stress on the other hand requires no effort or skill at all.

Skilful effort for sustainable wellbeing and happiness requires Acceptance, Confidence and Commitment.

Acceptance: Where do you stand on your expectations for wellbeing and happiness? Is it something that should just arrive? Or is it something that you expect to work for? This is ironic, is it not? Usually in our typical human way we make the connection between effort and stress. In other words, when faced with the requirement to adapt, we resent the need to apply the effort. Often the first obstacle to overcome for wellbeing and happiness is the acceptance of the effort required.

Confidence: Even if your effort is 100%, you still need to know what to do and how to do it. Any skill-set requires learning and practise. The learning and practise in itself is an effort. The effort pays off as the confidence grows from the learning and the practise.

Commitment: When you feel well and happy are you likely to let go of the effort that it takes to get you there? A commitment is your conscious acknowledgement of the required effort, learning and practise. The commitment in the end is really all about your sustainable wellbeing and happiness. Keep it going in spite of the setbacks and difficulties that life throws at us.