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Court Reports

Have you found yourself in court?

If you're facing the court, Local or District, and you have pleaded guilty, or been found guilty, or you intend to plead guilty, then you might need a psychologist court report to help the magistrate or judge understand you better.

If you and your solicitor agree that the magistrate or judge needs to know something about your mental health status in relation to the offence, thenĀ a psychologist's report can assist the court to understand you as an individual. Your solicitor might believe that you have a case for special circumstance or mitigating factors that will help you in court. A psychologist court report could make all the difference.

"Psychologists are often required to act as witnesses in courts and tribunals, a task requiring specialist knowledge, skills and judgement that is frequently underestimated. Any person who can contribute factual information to assist a court or tribunal to decide a legal issue can be compelled to testify as a witness of fact. Strictly speaking no witness is entitled to express opinions as the forming of opinions is the function of the court. However, there are occasions where courts lack the knowledge to form an opinion and will look to expert witnesses for guidance. The weight given to the opinions of these expert witnesses is determined on a case by case basis by the courts with reference to all the facts and opinions available to them."
Professor Alfred Allan.

Centrelink Reports

Due to the policies of Centrelink it is not possible for Brendan Lloyd to assist in this matter. Please contact Centrelink for details on 132 717.