Zoom Consultations


Phone for an Appointment:
0427 892 372

To make a Zoom appointment please phone as you would for a face to face consultations.

The Consultations

B Lloyd PhD
Zoom Session

Zoom Consultations can be up to an hour if required. Or Zoom Consultations may extend beyond an hour if required and if the time is available. A pro-rata rate applies to Zoom Consultations that are less than an hour. The pro-rata rate also applies to time that runs over the hour. The fee is $130.00/Hr or $13.00/6-minute block.

Two items to get started…

  • I need your email address
  • You need a Zoom account on a devise with a camera, microphone and speakers.

All Zoom consultations will be hosted by Brendan Lloyd PhD. Please do not try to initiate a connection from your Zoom account. Please do not attempt to record sessions.

Phone [+61] 0427 892 372 to make an appointment.

It is important to read the Card Payment Policy. Click the link in the navigation list for a printable version.

Credit/Debit Card Payments Policy

Your credit/debit card will only be billed for the agreed time spent consulting with Brendan Lloyd by Zoom. Please check your card statement to see that the transactions are to your expectations.

At the beginning of the first Zoom session Brendan Lloyd will ask you for the following three items…

  1. Credit Card Number
  2. Expiry Date
  3. CVV number

These details will be retained for…

  • period of six months after the last session or
  • ongoing sessions are concluded by mutual agreement, or
  • the client gives notice of completion of sessions
  • In the case of which comes first the credit/debit card details will be destroyed beyond retrieval.

No electronic records are kept in relation to these credit/debit card details.

For ongoing subsequent session the credit/debit card facility will be accessed and the sessions billed for according to the time used ($13.00 per 6-mins).

Rebate Claiming

A detailed receipt will be emailed to you after each session for you to use for claiming rebates as per your entitlement. A receipt/statement that details all sessions can be provided once sessions are complete. If you do need the receipt/statement, please request it specifically.

Get Zoom

Click the link in the navigation list. It will take you to the Zoom webpage titled Meeting Plans for Your Business. Click the link for the Free Basic Personal Meeting plan. You only need to set it up for the basics, just one-on-one meetings.