Online Consultations

Hi there

From time to time we all need reassurance, clarity and objectivity on some issue that's on our mind.

So speaking to a psychologist is probably not a bad idea. A lot of these niggling issues can be dealt with quite quickly.

There is no need for a referral or a Mental Health Care Plan. You probably don't need to go through the whole life-history story.

To settle your mind, just sign-in through the Consultation Portal and ask the question.

Sounds really quick and easy.

I bet it's not cheep.

Access to a psychologist has never been less expensive.

For a one-off query the fee is $29.oo AUD.

For more involved queries a three-month subscription is available for $130.oo AUD.

But is this service safe and secure?

How can I trust the security?

This website is secured by a SSL Certificate. Look in the address bar above. See the lock icon. Also note that the address begins with https. In other words, no one can drop in on our conversations or even know what you do on this website.

How does it work?

How do I get started?

Easy, follow the link to Sign-Up. Create an account (minimum information required). Pay by PayPal or Credit/Debit card. Then in the secure workspace, enter and send your query. Your query is given due consideration. You will receive an email notification once your response is ready. Sign-in to your secure workspace to read or print the response.

Why don't you just use email?

Email is not secure. All communication though the Workspace is secure.