Depression Anxiety Stress Scales

Sometimes it helps to get feedback on how we’re going compared to others. The question that you can ask here is: just how depressed, anxious or stressed are you? In other words, you might be somewhat depressed, anxious or stressed from time to time, but is that normal? Or maybe it's time to seek help with how you feel?

The DASS has cut-off scores to define mild, moderate, severe and extremely severe scores. Moderate scores or less are considered normal or average. Scores that are severe or above could indicate advice to seek help or assistance.

The cut-off scores describe the full range of possibilities in the population. A ‘mild’ score for example means that the person is above the population mean but probably still way below the typical severity of someone seeking help. A ‘mild’ score does not mean that you have a mild mental illness or a mild disorder.

The DASS is not about mental illness so much but is an indication of how you’re going compared to others.

Your scores are calculated and presented once you complete the 42 DASS items. Your scores will also be presented with your cut-off ratings for mild, moderate, severe and extremely severe scores. Take note of your scores and their cut-off ratings. Print your results before you leave the DASS Scores Page.